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Articles by the FezGuys have been featured in EQ Magazine, Gig Magazine, Webmonkey, Pro Sound News, Replication News, Tape Op, Revolution. The FezGuys have been moderators and panelists at Streaming Media West, Webnoize Conference, Webzine, Mac World, South By Southwest Interactive, North By Northwest, NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) and the SF Expo for the Musician.

Most recently, the FezGuys wrote a comprehensive book about streaming audio, Streaming Audio: The FezGuys' Guide (published by New Riders in 2002) and have appeared a number of times on TechTV's "Call For Help".

Jon Luini is a working technophile, a musician (bass player/singer) with full-blown facility and extensive experience on the Web and no free time. He is a co-founder of IUMA and MediaCast, co-creator of Addicted To Noise, and runs an Internet and music consulting and technology company, Chime Interactive (formerly Evolve Internet Solutions). <>

Allen Whitman is a working musician (bass player/singer/producer) with a keen, real-world interest in the practical use of the Web. Music credits include: The Mermen, "Brine-The Antisurf Soundtrack, biL, Deep Field South, Doormouse, Delectric and Drizzoletto. He has written for the San Francisco Examiner, Wired, EQ, Revolution, Yahoo Internet Life, Prosound News, Surround Professional, Replication News and others. <>

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Misc. Stuff

A control panel demo as a companion to column #23

On Jul 22nd, 2000 the FezGuys happily rambled on at "The Seedy Underside" panel at webzine 2000. Should you be interested, streaming video archives are available.

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